• Capital: Aizawl
  • Formation: February 20, 1987
  • Chief Minister: Lalduhawma ( 2024 )
  • Governor: Hari Babu Kambhampati ( 2024 )
  • Area: 21,081 square kilometers
  • Population: Over 1.1 million (as per the last census in 2011)
  • Density: Approximately 52 persons per square kilometer
  • Official Languages: Mizo and English
  • Major Rivers: Tlawng, Tuivawl, Kolodyne, and others
  • Highest Point: Phawngpui (Blue Mountain) – 2,165 meters
  • Official Animal: Serow
  • Official Bird: Mrs. Hume’s pheasant
  • Official Tree: Ironwood (Mesua ferrea)
  • Mizoram Legislative Assembly: The state has a unicameral legislature with 40 seats.
  • Palak Dil (Palak Lake): A scenic lake in Phawngpui, the highest mountain peak in Mizoram.
  • Reiek: A prominent mountain in Mizoram, known for its ecological and scenic significance.
  • Murlen National Park: Home to diverse flora and fauna, including the endangered hoolock gibbon.
  • Mizoram University: Located in Aizawl, it is a central university contributing to higher education in the state.
  • Dampa Tiger Reserve: A wildlife sanctuary and tiger reserve known for its biodiversity and conservation efforts.
  • Champhai: A town on the India-Myanmar border, known for its scenic landscapes and cultural diversity.
  • Vantawng Falls: The highest waterfall in Mizoram, cascading down from a height of 229 meters.
  • Tamdil Lake: A natural lake near Saitual, offering boating facilities and surrounded by lush greenery.
  • Hmuifang: A picturesque hill station known for its bamboo plantations and the Hmuifang Tlang (Hmuifang Peak).
  • Khuangchera Puk: A limestone cave in Ailawng, known for its unique stalactite and stalagmite formations.
  • Kolasib: A town in northern Mizoram, known for its agricultural activities and trade.
  • Mizoram State Rural Livelihoods Mission (MzSRLM): Implements poverty alleviation and rural development programs.
  • Lunglei: The second-largest town in Mizoram, known for its educational institutions and cultural vibrancy.
  • Tlabung: A town in Lunglei district, known for its serene landscapes and the Tlabung River.
  • Chhimtuipui River (Kaladan River): Flows through Mizoram, forming the international border with Myanmar.
  • Aizawl Theological College: A premier theological institution in Mizoram.
  • Pukzing Cave: A limestone cave near Thenzawl, known for its archaeological and geological significance.
  • Saiha: The administrative headquarters of the Saiha district, located on the banks of the Palak Lake.
  • Siaha (Saiha) Church: A historic church in Saiha, reflecting the influence of Christianity in Mizoram.
  • Kanpui Thlanmual: A peak near Aizawl, known for its panoramic views of the surrounding hills and valleys.
  • Rih Dil: A heart-shaped lake on the India-Myanmar border, considered sacred by the local Mara community.
  • Hnahlan: A village known for its vibrant Mizo culture and traditional festivals.
  • Zokhawthar: A border town on the India-Myanmar border, facilitating trade and connectivity.
  • Khawbung: A town in Champhai district, known for its agricultural activities and scenic landscapes.
  • Mizoram State E-Governance Society (MSEGS): Promotes e-governance initiatives in the state.
  • Lengteng Wildlife Sanctuary: Located in the northern part of Mizoram, known for its diverse wildlife.
  • Mizoram Board of School Education (MBSE): Responsible for school education and examination activities in the state.
  • Lawngtlai: A district headquarters town, known for its diverse ethnic communities and landscapes.
  • Mizoram Science, Technology & Innovation Council (MISTIC): Promotes scientific research and innovation in the state.
  • Thingsulthliah: A village near Aizawl, known for its natural beauty and tranquility.
  • Serlui B Hydropower Project: A major hydropower project contributing to the state’s energy needs.
  • Tuipang: A town in Saiha district, known for its cultural richness and festivals.
  • Pawlhrang: A village known for its traditional bamboo crafts and cultural heritage.
  • Khawhai Village: Famous for the Khawhai Waterfall and its lush green surroundings.
  • Mizoram State Disaster Management Authority (MSDMA): Works towards disaster preparedness and management in the state.
  • Durtlang Hills: A range of hills near Aizawl, offering panoramic views of the capital city.
  • Lalruotmawi: Known as the ‘Iron Lady of Mizoram,’ Lalruotmawi was the first woman legislator in the state and played a significant role in its political landscape.

  1. Mizoram Synod: The Mizoram Synod is a prominent Christian organization in the state, overseeing the Presbyterian Church’s activities and religious affairs.

  2. Lushai Hills: The former name for the Mizo-inhabited areas before the state’s formation, reflecting the historical roots of the region.

  3. Mizoram State Human Rights Commission (MSHRC): Ensures the protection and promotion of human rights in the state.

  4. Zawlnuam: A town in Mamit district, known for its agricultural activities and as a commercial hub.

  5. Vanapa Hall: A cultural and entertainment complex in Aizawl, hosting various events and performances.

  6. Tualchang: A village known for its traditional bamboo dance, showcasing the rich cultural heritage of Mizoram.

  7. Mizoram State Rural Roads Development Agency (MSRRDA): Works towards the development and maintenance of rural roads.

  8. Chawngchilhi Cave: A cave in Champhai, known for its archaeological findings and as a site of historical interest.

  9. Zoram Medical College (ZMC): A medical college in Aizawl, contributing to healthcare education and services in the state.

  10. Seling: A town in Aizawl district, known for its serene landscapes and agricultural practices.

  11. Mizoram Entrepreneurship Development Institute (MEDI): Promotes entrepreneurship and skill development in the state.

  12. Keifang: A village in Champhai district, known for its scenic beauty and traditional Mizo lifestyle.

  13. Baktawng Village: Known for housing the world’s largest family, the Chana family, with over 180 members.

  14. Mizoram Science Society: An organization promoting scientific awareness and education among the people.

  15. Pukpui: A village in Serchhip district, known for its natural beauty and traditional agricultural practices.

  16. Lengpui Airport: The only airport in Mizoram, providing air connectivity to major cities.

  17. Mission Veng: A locality in Aizawl, known for its vibrant community life and cultural events.

  18. Mizoram State Rural Livelihoods Mission (MzSRLM): Implements poverty alleviation and rural development programs.

  19. Tlawng River: One of the major rivers in Mizoram, supporting agriculture and livelihoods.

  • Ladakhai Dance: A traditional Mizo dance performed during festivals, depicting stories and cultural narratives.

    1. Mizoram Pulpwood Corporation Limited (MPCL): Involved in the sustainable management and utilization of pulpwood resources.

    2. Mizoram State Cooperative Bank (MSCB): Facilitates cooperative banking services in the state.

    3. Tuikuk: A village in Champhai district, known for its cultural practices and scenic landscapes.

    4. Dampa Biosphere Reserve: A UNESCO designated biosphere reserve, conserving the unique biodiversity of the region.

    5. Mizoram House (Delhi): Serves as the state’s guest house in the national capital.

    6. Saprawnga: A village in Champhai district, known for its agricultural practices and community life.

    7. Champai Thlang: A viewpoint in Champhai, offering panoramic views of the Myanmar plains.

    8. Mizoram Animal Husbandry and Veterinary Department: Works towards the development of animal husbandry and veterinary services.

    9. The Mizoram Post: A newspaper serving the state, providing news and information to the people.

    10. Buhban Cave: A cave in Lunglei district, known for its impressive stalactite and stalagmite formations.

    11. Mizoram Bamboo Development Agency (MBDA): Promotes the sustainable development of bamboo resources in the state.

    12. Zonuam: A village known for its traditional Mizo architecture and cultural practices.

    13. Mizoram State Rural Drinking Water Supply Project (MSRDWSP): Focuses on improving rural drinking water supply.

    14. Tribal Research Institute (TRI): Conducts research on the tribal communities of Mizoram.

    15. Mizoram Public Service Commission (MPSC): Responsible for conducting recruitment exams and selecting candidates for government jobs.

    16. Paikhai: A village in Champhai district, known for its cultural richness and traditional way of life.

    17. Mizoram State Commission for Women (MSCW): Works for the protection and promotion of women’s rights in the state.

    18. Chhimtuipui District: The southernmost district of Mizoram, sharing borders with Bangladesh and Myanmar.

    19. Zawlnuam Run: An annual marathon held in Zawlnuam, promoting fitness and community participation.